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Boldness in the Flame
Often when we make the decision to move forward and activate our plan, we look to others for affirmation - ultimately delaying or denying our progress. We must recognize that when we are called to ‘go,’ we do not need anyone’s permission to do so. This workshop will help you activate your gifts and provide tangible ways for you to get ‘unstuck’ and begin to move forward with your hopes and dreams.

Healing in the Flame
It is difficult to walk with a wounded leg. What about the wounds that are not visible to the eye? What about our wounded wombs? If you have experienced some form of womb trauma, know that healing is not only possible, but probable when healing is intentional. This class will give you the tools to initiate and make progress in the womb healing process and help you reclaim a healthy and vibrant womb.

Forgiveness in the Flame
Are you still waiting on an apology - or accountability? What if it doesn’t come? Power is activated in forgiveness. When we forgive, we release ourselves from being angry, vengeful and stuck in the cycle of reliving the experience. While forgiveness can be challenging, especially when the wound is deep, it is also freeing and lightens our load. This class will help us find the spaces and places that need forgiveness in our hearts - starting with looking inward - forgiving ourselves.

Freedom in the Fire
The mental, emotional, and psychological chains designed to keep us bound, live in the power we give them. Being honest with ourselves about these chains and pains can deactivate the locks and provide the freedom we deserve. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. This class will provide the tools necessary for us to identify the places we are bound, and use our power to free ourselves and prevent new chains from forming.

Power in the Fire
As women, much of our power is activated through our wombs. Our wombs represent the life giving force that is within each of us. Whether you give birth or give life to others, you have the power to create and co-create with God. When our sensuality and sexuality are healthy, life naturally flows from us - physically and metaphorically. This class will help us empower our wombs through the confidence of knowing that we are enough.

Financing in the Fire
Do you have a dream but need a plan to activate the dream? Research suggests that the two things that stop women from pursuing their dreams are time and money. However, when our dreams are for the betterment of the Kingdom, the resources will often make themselves available when we do the work. This class will focus on creating a budget, savings and investment plan to eliminate the financial barrier to achieving your goals.

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