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Wellness Coach

Semiko Crider is a licensed minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a Womanist  - Womb Theologian. She is a woman who believes in the power of God, the power of women, and the power of the womb. As a wellness coach, her Spiritual gift of a finely attuned gut instinct allows her to affirm, nurture and empower the Spirit within others. She holds in high regard her capacity to see into another person’s soul and create a sacred space for truth, healing and restoration without judgment. 

Minister Semiko is the founder and CEO of Okimes13, a Holistic Wellness non-profit organization committed to healing the wombs of women. Harnessing her gift as a seer and healer, Minister Crider identifies as Spiritual Life and Death Doula, encouraging and assisting women all over the world to give birth to their greatest dreams while assaulting and ultimately destroying their greatest fears. Through her many mission trips to Africa, she mastered the art of spiritual waist beading and has incorporated this traditional African ritual into her healing practice.  She also serves as a spiritual waist beader and wellness coach. Prior to her work as a spiritual bader and wellness coach, she worked at Verizon for 27 years until a neck injury and cancer diagnosis led her to an early retirement through disability services.  

Semiko has survived three forms of cancer. She survived the first two with traditional western medicine - including surgery and radiation. However, her most recent cancer, in 2018, was cured through a miraculous healing as she spent a month in Kamasi, Ghana. Because of her own miraculous healing, Minister Semiko is determined to Doula as many women as possible in their individual healing journey.

Minister Crider was born in Michigan and completed her early education in the New York City Public school system. Determined not to quit after her retirement, Education became her vehicle to healing the mind, body and spirit. She earned her Certificate in Ministry, a Masters degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling and Master of Divinity degree from New York Theological Seminary. She completed her Clinical Pastoral Education as a Chaplain in Hospice and Palliative Care at Winthrop Hospital now known as NYU Langone. 

In 2022 Minister Semiko was certified as an End-of-Life Doula at the Doulagivers Institute in New York City and she is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry at The Interdenominational Theological Center with an expected graduation date of May, 2026. Minister Semiko has one adult son and enjoys life with her partner in Brooklyn, New York.

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